Special Parts

for classic Vespa scooters

Restauration from A to Z

I restore your Vespa, Lambretta or NSU, regardless of its condition. I attach great importance to high-quality spare parts and refurbish existing parts wherever possible. Because nothing is better than the original! This is all the more important in times when the market is full of second-rate spare parts.
Partial restorations are also possible, whereby the technology is brought up to scratch and scratched or dented add-on parts are repainted if necessary.

My painter perfectly matches the original color! Factory lacquer has long been in vogue - a careful refurbishment of the old paintwork saves money compared to a full restoration, preserves the classic character of your scooter and makes it interesting for collectors!
You want to buy an old scooter and need an expert opinion? You can benefit from my extensive experience. I will accompany you by appointment or advise you in conversation.

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Vespa P125X 1981, mainly factory paintwork "blu marina 8/9"

Engine Revision

After many thousands of kilometers, every engine needs an overhaul. I only use the best bearings and seals and carefully check all transmission parts for wear. The correct setting of the engine is the be-all and end-all and is all too often neglected. Using professional measuring equipment, I set ignitions precisely, check the piston running clearance or measure the bearing clearance of crankshafts!
Of course, every engine is carefully tested after installation to ensure that it performs its job just as reliably as it did when it first rolled off the production line.

Checking the flanks of gears
Precise measuring of the cylinder kit

Welding and Bodywork

Whether it's a damaged engine housing or holes in the bodywork - the TIG and MAG welding processes enable professional repairs! When removing dents from bodywork, I attach great importance to achieving the most perfect result possible. My motto: Putty does not belong on your scooter!

Bulging of the typical crash dents in the leg shield
Welding of a broken engine housing

Custom Racks for Vespa

Anyone who wants to take a long trip with their Vespa needs stable mounting options and sufficient storage space. But style shouldn't be neglected! The bulky and rattling original luggage racks were always a thorn in my side. For lack of alternatives, over the years I have developed my own small model range for classic Vespas - practical, attractive and  tested on long journeys!

My rear luggage racks are much more compact than the well-known standard racks and adapt perfectly to the elegant shape of the Vespa. They allow loading close to the vehicle, which results in a low center of gravity with optimal handling. This makes every Alpine pass just as much fun as without luggage! The luggage racks are available either with a very stable support to the license plate fixing point or with a solid plate that is fixed to the seat pin and the tank screws. This means that heavier items of luggage can also be transported if necessary. All racks make it easier to jack up and unjack and maneuver the Vespa, as they can be used as an additional handle. The ladies especially appreciate this ;-)My front luggage racks hang from the leg shield and, in contrast to the standard racks available, run far down to just above the mudguard. The center of gravity is low and the headlight does not just light up the luggage, as is often the case, but also illuminates the road at night and in tunnels. The racks are also available for vehicles with mono-slotted tubes.

You are going on a big trip and are still looking for the right luggage rack? I also construct racks to suit your individual requirements!

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"Il Gigante 15" (all)

Extra-deep front luggage rack "Il Gigante" in 15 mm polished stainless steel for oldies with a small nose. Also available for PX. With sufficiently dimensioned suspension, a lot of payload is possible! The length of the front part can be modified to your needs.

"Micro Rack 8" (Sprint, Rally, VBA, VBB etc.)

For spontaneous tours where you only need to take the bare essentials. The carrier is very stable due to the mounting plate that extends to the second strut. If desired, the mounting plate can also be shorter, which reduces the load capacity somewhat.

"Micro Rack 8" (Vespa PX -1984, ask for 2. Series)

Very compact carrier in 8 mm stainless steel for Spartans: rain suit, beer can and picnic - that's all you need for a spontaneous short trip.

"Mini Rack 8" (Vespa PX -1984 , ask for 2. Series )

Just big enough to securely attach a luggage roll, a tent or a small bag, this carrier in 8 mm stainless steel is almost unnoticeable on the PX.

Full-packed in the Alps

Motovespa 150s/2 with "Il gigante" at the front and "Sprint Rack Piccolo" at the rear, each loaded with a 35 L luggage roll. The backpack between the legs is secured with stainless steel hooks on the floor panel and at the seat.
With a slightly harder spring at the front, the Vespa has perfect handling despite the luggage and is very comfortable in curves thanks to a little more load on the front wheel!

Special Parts

Intake Manifold Motovespa

The Spanish Vespa engines of the 1960s were designed as direct suction engines (piston control). The very simple IRZ or Dellorto UB carburettors usually have a worn needle seat or other defects and spare parts are difficult to obtain. I have developed an S-shaped intake manifold with which the original carburettor can be replaced with a modern and very compact Polini CP23 / 21 carburettor. The intake manifold fits on the original cylinder and the carburettor is positioned so that the original intake bellows can still be used. The noise level is therefore kept at the original level. The manifold is available separately but a complete conversion including adjustment is also possible.


I can reduce the volume of loud tuning (box) exhaust systems by dampening the box body, modifying the tailpipes or adding a silencer. The success depends a little on the engine concept, but here too I can advise on how the volume can be reduced. Some boxes tend to vibrate and thus generate annoying vibrations that are transmitted to the body. The boxes usually crack as a result of the vibrations in the suspension area and become very loud. Vibrations and cracks can be safely avoided by reinforcing neuralgic points.


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