It must have been 1995 when, at the age of 17, I discovered a decommissioned Vespa PX80 from 1980 in the color "chiaro di luna metallizzato" in our neighbor's backyard. I was immediately hooked on the beautifully designed vehicle and the owner and I quickly negotiated a very fair purchase price. After the summer vacation job, the Vespa finally became my property and the only thing separating me from my dream of discovering the world with the PX was passing my motorcycle test.

I dreamed of crossing the Alps with the love of my life on the back seat and carrying only the bare essentials, riding through romantic Italian towns all the way to the Mediterranean and enjoying delicious pasta, pizza and ice cream every day. The dolce vita! But it was to take quite a while before my dream came true... So the PX was first completely dismantled, repainted and reassembled just in time for me to get my driver's license.

Even before my engineering studies, a first-series Vespa 50N and an NSU Prima from 1959 also found their way to me and the PX had meanwhile received a 200cc engine, which, with a Polini 208cc, led to a proper increase in my adrenaline level! Unfortunately, the fun was short-lived and I had to realize that it took a bit more than just changing the cylinder to build a powerful and durable engine. The hole in the piston was soon forgotten and I began to take a closer look at the two-stroke concept. My fascination with the simple yet robust development of the PIAGGIO engineers grew and I read most of the standard works of two-stroke literature from the last 30 years. When I started my career, I spent a lot of time abroad and the Vespa hobby came a little too short. Nevertheless, I kept at it and restored other Vespas over the years, including an Augsburg Sprint 150 and a Spanish Motovespa 150s, both from 1965.

In the meantime, some of my friends had also found some of these stylish vehicles and I remembered my big dream of a tour through the Alps! Enthusiastic companions were quickly found and we found a beautiful original P125X in the color "blu marina" for my partner. Now we just had to make sure that all the vehicles were reliable, because who wants to break off their dream trip with damage abroad?

After the first short "test tours" from Lake Constance to the Säntis and on to the Glarus valley, tours lasting several days across the Alps and as far as northern Italy followed. I enjoy every moment and it is particularly nice to chug along comfortably behind the beautiful PX in blu marina and marvel at the breathtaking Alpine panorama or shimmering mountain lakes! Deceleration in an otherwise hectic everyday life!

I now have several scooters and maintaining such a fleet requires a lot of knowledge, tools and, above all, space. And so it made sense to not only use these resources for myself, but to offer them as a service - that's how the BLECHROLLERBOX came about! I restore at a high level and attach great importance to an optimum result, always keeping your wishes firmly in mind. I know every screw on a Vespa and, thanks to my many years of experience and my knowledge as a mechanical engineer, I am able to assess which spare parts are suitable on the huge market and which are best avoided!

Whether you need a complete service or just a quick adjustment so that the engine finally starts better again - you've come to the right place! Want a little more torque? I optimize the original engine to get the best out of it and I can give you recommendations for a suitable exhaust. I also build individual stainless steel luggage racks and construct special parts such as intake manifolds or navigation brackets that you won't find on the market in this form. I look forward to seeing you!